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- photos in the world. it wws takknnbyy je rosenthaa as five u-s marines and a avv corpsman raised the ameeican flaggduring the battle offiwo jima. tte phott went on to become the focus of the marine corps war memorial...which is -3 better known as thee"iio ima 3 3 a race car crrases ptrough the safety fence. the mountiig injuries from thiss horrific acccdent. 3 3 a bbnch clearing brawl. how this baseball game turned into a cageefight..- 3 an rban avalanche. the massiie amount of snow that's tiil covering the &pcountry onightt 3 3 the race is over in daytona tooighttbut it coull be awhile beforeefaas recovee.... 3& their feet cheering the suddenly a car hit a fence and pieces of it sailed into the grandstand.... ick reichmuth briigs ou the lateet on the lifee-hreatening crash in aytona beach. beach. beaah..after a muuti-car crash occurred neaa the end of he nattonwide series race.several closely-packed cars were up, setting off a dangerous chain reaction that ensnared a number of vehicles.chitwood iii says
is ffnally leveling off in the u-s. 3 the ccd-ccreports innluenza activvty decreased in many areas off he country - last week. 21 states arr reporttiggmoderate to higg & activity. 11 reported low acttvity .... and 16 reporting minimaa. 3 older people haad with more than half offhospitaliiations involving dults over 65. 3 from the virrs thhs season. experts ay it's not too laae to get vaccinated and - if yoo've already had the flu this season... it does not mean you''e rottcced from getting ittagain..- 3 16-36"there is still aachance that you caa have it again strain goong around. and the flu vvccine nll covers thheee strainss so if you've not gotttn the flu shot you wwll potentially gee ooe oo thosee havv gotten the flu shot there stiil is chance you cannget -3& a straii that's going around that's nnt in the vaacine." flu mayylast longer than the early spring. 3 fuul costs continue ttoclimb....-&pclimb...the average rice forr - across he countrr is uu to 3- 67 a gallon... an increase of 12 cents in he
aamonth and will be available ii the u.s within 2 weeks. 3 his... most severr... flu seasonssin years .../ now... health experts say... the flu shot... wasn't... a... good match for seniorr. 3 this... seasoo'' flu shot... was onny 9-peecennteffective... in prrteccing the elderly...//. for... ll... other 3 was only 56-perceet effectiie...//. &pthat's... onsidered below average....// experts....are still urging - people... to get vaccinated o & makk your symptoms milder. aanew ssudy shows womee actually have more √°active√° &pbrainssthen men. 3 brain imaging expert, octor daniil amee, says many women complain about ementia after having a baby.....he ssyy 3 rewiring itself... and alllof the crazy emotions women feel after haaing a child can actually helppthem in the long run. 3 it makks them actually better in the ong run..especially with things like multitaasing becauseewhen you haveebabies there's a whole lot of things, - new things, that you ha
is one of 35-u-s cities which the u-s olympii committee invited o bid...... n aaletter -3 mailed to each cctt, olympic is o identify a partneercity pthat can work wwth us to preseet a compelling bid to ptth international ollmpic &pcommittee.... todayy the mayor says she's excited about pte possibilities. (47:35) "with the granddprii, the orioles, thh ravens everyttime pe host a big eeent e're telling the world baltiioree open for ussnes anddits clear -3that message is getting out 3 olympics doo'ttcomm cheap..... &p tte host city must have 45- thousand hotel rooms.... a every venne. nd an &pppeeatinn budget of more than - 33billion dollars...... the paaor sayss 3 33 hosttng the lympics s nnt &pallays a profittble venture. while soom ccties do come 3 maaoritt ind up in the ed... - in facc, athens and mmntreal lost billionn on the olymmics....aad wouud up -3 having to raiss taxes to pay -& for it. live downtown,jeff 3 that bringg us to our queetionn of the you think ballimore could host the polympics?
but then exempt themselves from following.fullscreen:according to the u-s office off compliancc, connressionall members and their staff are also exemmt from keeping proper workplace 3 anniidiscrrmination health and safeey probes. ffllscreen #2also - legislative branch workerr who report rong-doiig are also 3 whistle-blower protection act... nor can they reqqest -3 inforration from federal agencies uuder thh freedommof information act.nats of vote & 2:28 "the mooion to concur the &psenatt aaendment is adooted..nats gavel."[[nats back at mama's cucina]]it's &one of a growwng list of exaaples why the frustration plvel ith congress is going up...ann he approval rate is going down.joe ptak/mama's cucinn assistant manager26:45 -3 i don't see why that's fair. we have o work hard to doo &pwhat we hve to do aaddthey caa just do wwatevvr ttey like. :52i'm ristine frazao & reporting.[[end pkg]] 3 if you like sweet pixed drrnks, you may wwnt o ordee regular nstead of diet sodaathe next time you're at a &pbarror party. party.when peopleemix diet - instead of regula
.itts border area nto the u... not just where the u.s. bbrders ccnada and meeico. it inclldes the coastlines. draw a 100 mile arc 3 inssde the utline of the us 3 could have their electronic devicee confiscated by federal & agenns foo no reason two of every three or about 190 million mericans.3 historrcally, the courts have giien wide latitude ooborddr -3 patrrl agennssarguing tteir border rossing insspctions donnt violate the constitution's ouurh &pamendment. the obama adminissration reeently & confirmed iis impllmentation &pof the seizure policyyclaiiing were on its side.forrmore on this story visit ehind thee hhadlines dot net and ollow usson witter and faccbook.i'm park hyman happy valentine's day. i never knew he liked me. we'd have to keep it quiet. or we could just tell h.r. happy valentine's day. it would never work. try the new brownie batter donut. get any six donuts for $3.99. america runs on dunkin'. she's in a meeting, could you call back in 15? -- not now. nope, no. sorry, love to but can't. i'm sorry, she's very busy. enjoy the r
airforce brokk out from the army corps in the mid 1940's. it's going tt take a dramatic toll on the u.s.. militaay, and it's going to ssop us fromm eing in he places that we need o be at." at." ourr.. mmdia partner, -3& ...the washington guardian,... --3 has been closely political game'... of... what it caals... 'sequester chicken.''../// read.... ore about it ... byy.. going to... foxbaltimore ot com...// follow... he link... 33 3 a grease fire in a homm in alabbma... quiccly spreads... ----xplosion nats--- nats--- 3 aanexplosion inside the home firrfighters.. who were on their way intoothe home... to thh grouud.officcals ay an oxygen tank inside the home is what caused he fireballl and the family f ix who lived in tte house... all made & it out without injury. 3 a... horrific scenee.. at... rooe's international airport... as... a pteenagerr.. sets himsell on &pfire...//. tv crees... caaght the smoke and flames on camera...// thh 19--year old man --/ an... asylum seeker... from
... 15 toonadoes ...whipppd across the southeastern... u-s... over the weekend...//. tte... mostt 3 levvled uildings in hattiesburg, mississippi. ttisttr..//...capturee on amateuu video...//..00 &phundredd.. homms... and... 100--aaartments... were 3 o deaths . reported...// &&phurt....// survivors... credit... 3 just tww ears ago. pe got home from church. so &&pyou wereeready for this? we were aa ready assready can be. 3 tte....national weatthr hattiesburg... 3 waaning.... before the ornadd struck.../. 3 3 3 could you use an extra hundred -3 dollarssit's all part of our - "freebruary" conteet on fox45 3 100-dollar winnnr every hour... - during ffxx5 mmrning enter go to facebook dot com slash fox baltimore and click on the "freeeruary" tab.tten watch fox45 morning news ssarting at 5 a-m to see if you're a winner. 3 3 hoo long yoo have to own your car... to ave 30 thousand dollars
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8